Turnberry Isle Obtains Mortgage for Expansion

Jackie Soffer (forbes.com) the co-CEO of Turnberry, which is a real estate development company in the South of Florida, recently unveiled the plans for a luxury resort in the best part of Miami. The location, where all the A-list celebrities are known to frequent, is an ideal location for just such a resort.

The 300-acre resort will have chefs that have won awards for their amazing cuisine in the restaurants, opulent rooms, and suites, a wellness center, complete with a first class spa. In addition to that, there is expected to be a golf course that rivals the champions. It doesn’t stop there. Here are some other features of this luxury resort that set it apart from the rest.

Turnberry has experiences that allow you to take the whole family along. The Turnberry kids Club is one of those features. It’s a service for guests to allow their children to have their own personalized care service while mom and dad enjoy their special moments together.

As mentioned, the spa is an experience in and of itself. The luxurious pampering is one of the best parts of the resort. Inspired by a wellness center, the philosophy of transformation and offers a full-service treatment center, complete with massage services, Himalayan, Swiss, and Chroma therapy. Cosmetic services and even medical practices are also available.

Professional Center:
A professional center is a wonderful place for your next meeting, conference or any group center. The resort offers full-service care from the moment you and your guests arrive. They can book rooms and services to truly win that next business deal.

The offers are truly stunning as well. There are $50 credits for deals. There are a complementary care and shuttle service, complete with valet service as needed. Plans to help regular customers save money when they stay and every guest get the third night completely free.

It is set to be one of the very best resort experiences in Miami for many choices of exceptional comfort and luxury for the guests of Turnberry Isle (http://www.sunnyislesbeachmiami.com/hotels/turnberry/). Funded by a new mortgage that consists of a loan from a Chinese bank and a couple other loans locally. It promises to be one of the best destinations in the area. Previously occupied by a far smaller facility, this expansion now promises to be one of the best resorts in some time.