The Top Unmanned Aerial System Demonstrations at the Inaugural UAS/Counter UAS Industry Day

On 8th November 2017, Atlantic Diving Supply held its premier UAS/Counter UAS Industry Day.

It takes a joint effort involving both the military and private sectors to develop a better understanding of the multiple Unmanned Aerial Systems available today. The event served as an excellent platform for the UAS innovators to share and exchange ideas on how to develop better technology to deploy and counter any Unmanned Aerial System. Vetting of the guests was also necessary since most of the demonstrations were specific to government and military.

Here are some of the highlight demos of the two-day-event  showcased by the invited drone developers.

Sky Ranger

Aeryon Labs showcased a sleek and advanced Sky Ranger quadcopter. The gizmo cruises at average speeds of 50 kph. The Sky Ranger’s flight time is about 25-30 minutes. The quadcopter carries a capacity payload of 60* zoom EO. With lighter payloads, however, the Sky Ranger has a flight duration of an estimated 50 minutes. Users can either use, a tablet and stylus or, a joystick to fly the gizmo. The Rangers’ datalink system works on the 256-bit encryption technology. Landing the Sky Ranger is an automated process that kicks in when the quadcopter is 10 inches above the landing deck.

The Black Hornet 2

The Black Hornet 2 is a spectacular creation of FLIR Systems. The palm-sized quadcopter comes equipped with a state-of-the-art reconnaissance system powered by EO/IR and EO sensors. It weighs just 1.3 kilos. The Black Hornet is built to withstand gusts of up to 12 MPs. It has a flight duration of around 25 minutes and a range of 1.6km.

The Wingman 100

The Danish firm, MyDefense presented their TRL 9, man-wearable RF detector being used by the EU military and American prisons. The detector has a maximum communication range of 1000 meters and a directional antenna capable of rotating 60 degrees. The system filters the incoming signals until it detects a match. Upon finding the desired signals, the Wingman takes over the controls of the drone.

MyDefense hinted that they were in the advanced stages of releasing Wingman 2.0 capable of flight durations of up to 3 days.

Indago 2 VTOL Quadcopter

Lockheed Martin also wowed with their unique flying contraption. The UAV comes with a variety of impressive specs and features. For instance, it can be folded into smaller parts that are easier to transport. The product comes with a Kevlar case for storage purposes. It also detects signals up to 400m thanks to its powerful DUO+, Dual IR, and ION30X sensors. The Indago 2 has an impressive range of 2km and a flight duration of around 50 minutes