Step Aside, Uber: Here Comes Private Jet Sharing

Jet On Demand – Ride the Skies Like You Ride the Road

In your search for a private or chartered jet, you want to look for a company that has an Uber effect. What do we mean by that? Well, with Uber you have the ability to select the type of vehicle based on the number of passengers, perhaps what type of event you are heading to, and if you want others to ride with you or be picked up along the way. Evojets is a company provide chartered jet services based on similar criteria, as well as Sergey Petrossov’s JetSmarter. Their chartered jets are private and since their headquarters are in New York, like a top rated Uber driver, they would definitely be able to assist with navigation through the city. Priority One Jets is another provider of chartered jet services. Via their website you can request one way, roundtrip or a multi-leg flight. All of their flights are privately chartered and via their Customer Service Number if you can imagine it, you can request it. From the catering menu to a Broadway show, it is possible. Before reservations are complete, you can even discuss hotel and ground transportation and have those arranged as well. If every aspect of the NYC flight is domestic, in as little as 4 hours Priority One Jets can handle your request.

The aircrafts that are available to some of the jet rental services range from the helicopter to the airliner. If you are looking for a seaplane, those are available too. Whether the flight is for one or 100+, you can be assured that there is a ride by flight that can fit you and your party. Some other companies that provide similar services are Gogo Jets, Jet Partners, Angel Elite, and Apollo Jets. These all are providers of private chartered jets. Just when you thought Uber and jet couldn’t combine forces, there does exist Uberjets. As soon as you go to their website there is a Live chat feature. Unlike the other companies, Uberjets serves are the booking agent as they do not own or operate the aircrafts. They are operated by FAA licensed personnel. Their flights, like the other companies are private.

In considering a private chartered jet in the NYC area, you are definitely not at a loss for options. From full service and vacation style to business and from making reservations online to via a phone app, getting a jet on demand is as simple as 1-2-3.