Partnership with new app brings technology to marina

These days it can seem as though there is an app for everything. An app to get a car whenever one wants it, an app that can be used to get food or groceries delivered to one’s home and an app that can book an overnight stay at a bed and breakfast anywhere in the world. These apps have made the lives of consumers around the world more efficient and enabled them to spend their time on things that matter most to them. But people in need of transportation or the ingredients for a fresh meal are not the only ones who are benefiting from mobile technology. There are now apps that can make the lives of yacht owners and yacht enthusiasts much more efficient. One of those apps is known as Boatyard.

Owning a yacht, while very enjoyable is not necessarily an easy task. Enjoying the benefits of a yacht means having to keep track of the maintenance that these vessels need in order to operate efficiently. Yachts must have enough fuel to last their entire voyage. If they don’t a crew and its passengers may find themselves stranded out at se. They must have capable and competent captains who know how to navigate the vessel and manage the crew so that they are performing at their best. The mobile app Boatyard has features that enables the boating enthusiasts who use it to manage all of these processes seamlessly.

Recently it was announced that the app Boatyard would be partnering with the premiere marina management firm Island Global Yachting Marinas (also known as IGY Marinas) to incorporate the app into its services and to offer IGY Marinas’ customers the ability to easily use the app. IGY Marinas specializes in the management of luxury marinas and adjacent real estate and operates offices and marinas in a wide variety of locations. IGY Marinas is based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and has operations in locations such as the Hamptons in New York state, the Turks and Caicos, Miami Beach, Florida and the United States Virgin Islands. IGY Marinas’ partnership with Boatyard will enable its customers to manage vital services for their vessels such as cleaning services, scheduled fuel delivery, yacht maintenance and hiring captains for their yachts. This partnership will allow IGY Marinas to enhance the experience that it offers its customers by giving them access to technology that streamlines the complex processes that are required to keep their yachts in optimal shape. The partnership represents the future of IGY Marinas (founded by Andrew Farkas) which is engaging Boatyard’s technology as a way to optimize its services and connect with clients who are accustomed to having technology integrated into every part of their lives.