Hiring the CEO – what is the process

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is one of the most important roles in every company. The CEO is the face and leadership of the organization and is responsible for developing and communicating a vision that will lead to success. When a company experiences a vacancy in this important role, it can lead to confusion, loss, and frustration for the employees and there is often a sense of urgency in hiring a new leader.

Luckily, many recruiting firms specialize in scanning and hiring for Executive Suite level positions. These firms work closely with the company to identify their needs and filter candidates based on their desired qualifications and characteristics. Once they collect this information, they conduct national searches, complete the screening and interview process, and present a list of final candidates to the company for review. This process saves the company a tremendous amount of time and places the task in the hands of the experts.

Many recruiters find extreme success in this field and make it a life-long career trek. Dennis Carey is a great example. Carey is currently a Senior Client Partner in Korn/Ferry International’s CEO and Board Services and specializes in recruitment of Executive Level positions. He has conducted searches for the current CEOs of many prestigious companies including American Standard and Tyco International. He has also been highly involved in Board of Director searches for companies including: American Express, CBS, Goldman Sachs, and Merrill Lynch.

Carey has had a diversified career but has always excelled at corporate recruiting. Carey began his career in a recruiting role for a global firm. He quickly found success and reward in the industry and has gradually worked his way up the ladder. Along the way he served in positions in management, consulting, government, and higher education and has a wealth of knowledge and experience in each of these industries. He has also authored three books and holds a PH.D. in Finance.

Carey’s pathway clearly demonstrates the rewards involved in corporate recruiting. This career trek is a great avenue for the smart, motivated, and personable. Consider a career in executive recruiting today!