Demo Day Held At Conclusion Of 12-Week Shopping Accelerator

The world of e-commerce and online shopping has always had to deal with the problems of customer service, inventory storage, and with fulfilling orders in a timely manner. The folks over at Westfield Labs, together with R/GA, recently debuted a shopping accelerator via a 12-week program that featured 10 start-up companies and worked with several large brand-name stores. At the conclusion of the 12 weeks, a Demo Day was held in San Francisco where the start-ups held a showcase of the services that they offer.

The following is a list of the companies who participated and the services that they offer:

Agent Q provides customer service agents with algorithm AI to make them more efficient.

AxleHire specializes in making one-day delivery available to brick-and-mortar as well to as online merchants.

Clarifai works with making images searchable and keyword sensitive for customers using AI.

Cordial develops messaging that works with analytics in order to communicate to what customers need in real time.

Darkstore stores businesses’ inventory in cities so that they can be shipped out the same day an order is placed.

Happy Returns offers in-person returns to alleviate having to make returns by mail.

Myagi provides training for sales associates when they need it.

Oak uses AI to determine the movement of stock in-store.

Percolata boosts profits by analyzing sales in order to increase sales team production by up to 30%. is a platform for superior customer service through messaging.

Westfield Labs is amongst the foremost companies leading the combining of physical and internet retail and have a broad network of connections. Each start-up was given access to these resources belonging by Westfield Labs, also receiving valuable oversight and insight from the firm. Westfield Labs works to provide solutions for retailers facing the challenges of dealing with demands of online shopping.  Westfield Labs is owned by Westfield Corporation and chaired by the Lowy Brothers – Peter and Steven.

R/GA is a company, founded in 1977, that specializes in marketing and in helping retailers with the development of products, services, and brand development. Their client base is extensive and they have offices spanning four continents, having locations in the United States, Asia, Europe, and South America.

R/GA employs more than 2,000 employees and also lent their oversight to the startups participating in the program. Partners like Macy’s, Verizon, Walmart, Bank of America, and Shopify Plus partnered with R/GA and Westfield Labs to employ the services of the startups as relates to different areas of online retail. Their Demo Day was a success and was held October 26, 2016.