C-III Acquires Resource America

Real estate investment agency C-III has made a major acquisition of Resource America, and they have created a much larger firm that will serve investment customers daily. C-III wishes to keep its business trending upward, and they will do so by covering every bit of the real estate market. This article explains how the company will use Resource America to expand its services in commercial real estate, and they may have quite an impact on an industry that is in need of an infusion of creativity.

#1: How Does Commercial Real Estate Grow?

Commercial real estate grows every year as customers are given opportunities to grow their value. Net worth of a property cannot grow if the properties near it are not in fine condition, and Resource America will help C-III access value in commercial projects. A large swath of buildings may all grow together if they are owned by the same company, and C-III believes it will help customers stay in their buildings. Cost-effective management of each building will keep costs low for everyone.

#2: Resource America Helps Customers Find Cheaper Properties

Resource America will appeal to every client who is in search of a cheaper property, and they will provide clients with pricing that helps them move in quickly. There are quite a few different companies that may purchase for less, and they will save enough money to invest in another building that will ensure their prosperity. Companies that depend on real estate will find what they need with Resource America, and the companies that are saving money with Resource America will find it simple to reinvest in other projects.

#3: C-III Offers A Better Management

C-III wishes to grow Resource America with a fine management style they believe will keep the company solvent. Under the leadership of CEO Andrew Farkas, they have quite a few different plans that will help the company grow, and they believe the company will become a major player in a sector of the market where they are not currently active. C-III cannot open a new division without a reputation, but they may use Resource America to help grow their brand. Partnering with an established company helps everyone involved.

There are several good things coming out of the merger between C-III and Resource America. The company will have a much larger customer base, and they will reach out to customers who are in need of better commercial real estate services.