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Panel appointed to help with hurricane relief

The main purpose of an advisory panel is to analyze the current situation and make recommendations for the future. The ultimate goal for the group is to create guidelines and procedures that will enhance the island's infrastructure to withstand future storms. It is important that any resiliency plan takes into account climate changes. Members of the panel include the likes of Hans Lawaetz, Basil Ottley, Daryl Griffith and Andrew Farkas, among others.

Turnberry Isle Obtains Mortgage for Expansion

Jackie Soffer ( the co-CEO of Turnberry, which is a real estate development company in the South of Florida, recently unveiled the plans for a luxury resort in the best part of Miami. The location, where all the A-list celebrities are known to frequent, is an ideal location for just such a resort.

C-III Acquires Resource America

Real estate investment agency C-III has made a major acquisition of Resource America, and they have created a much...

Demo Day Held At Conclusion Of 12-Week Shopping Accelerator

The world of e-commerce and online shopping has always had to deal with the problems of customer service, inventory storage, and with fulfilling orders in a timely manner. The folks over at Westfield Labs, led by Peter Lowy & Steven Lowy recently debuted a shopping accelerator via a 12-week program with R/GA, that featured 10 start-up companies and worked with several large brand-name stores.